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Lai Kar Choon 黎嘉俊

Lai Kar Choon 黎嘉俊

20 years old / 岁

Learning disabled + Blind + Mute
学习障碍 + 失明 + 语言障碍
Lai is a child that has never seen the light of herself before, he came to our establishment for more over a month and still adapting to his new home. In his second month being born to this world, the doctors reported that he had glaucoma and was in dire need of surgery. But that time, he was too young and the surgery failed twice, resulting Lai to live in a world of darkness for life. 
As a child from Ipoh, his family relocated to Kuala Lumpur to start a new life. But with the hectic lifestyle of his family members, it was hard for his family to provide a comprehensive care to him. Luckily he came to our care. Lai is just like any typical child, clever at her own ways and loves to laugh. Enjoys music and often claps along to it. Likes playing toys with the other kids too. With our patience and care, he began to show his uplifting side and wants to communicate more with others. Opening his  heart to the world. 
Joshua Tan

Joshua Tan

17 years old / 岁

Learning disabled

This is Joshua, a child with a disability in learning. He’s the youngest child in our shelter. When he was 5 years old, he was diagnosed with the disorder. He had a difficulty to catch up with the other children of the same year in schools and often had a problem communicating with the others. Although Joshua have this disadvantage, he still often being seen in the weekdays reading intensively and playing sports, even though his academic level is currently at primary six. He mostly communicates in Malay. 
Joshua is from a single-parent family. His mother passed away when he was very young, while his father has aged and have to work in order to support themselves. There was no one taking care of Joshua at home so they came to Da-Ai for help. Our environment is a great place for him to grow in well cared conditions. Despite Da-Ai’s establishment for over a month, Joshua took his time to adapt with us, he is a very quiet child. And when he is doing anything at all, he’s easily distracted. But through our love and patience, he started to communicate with people around him. At times he’s being helpful to us by doing a few chores at the centre. Slowly becoming more comfortable being alongside with us in the centre. Taking care of more than himself. The Joshua we know now has grown a lot than before.