Needs 需求 - 马来西亚大爱社区众筹平台Malaysia Da-Ai Social Crowdfunding
Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da Ai Malaysia is an official Malaysian non-profit organization, we rely on the community together to hand in hand build this home in helping the underprivileged, to let them have a family that gives them love and hope. The centre is now at a startup phase. With a monthly budget of RM30,000 without government aid, we need everyone’s help to support us in material and financial terms. The following capital and listed items are needed for the early stages of construction:

Budget for the first phrase  第一期总预算

A – Daily Necessities 日常生活用品方面
Dettol Antiseptic, First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers, Rice, Milk, Solid Food, Instant Drinks, etc. 
B – Hardware Equipments 硬体设备方面
Mattresses, wheelchairs, TV sets, furniture, air conditioners, fans, cutlery, industrial refrigerators, industrial washers, industrial dryers, industrial cookers, gas stoves, etc. 
床垫,轮椅,电视机,家具,冷气与风扇,餐具, 工业冰箱,工业洗衣机,工业烘干机,工业电饭煲,煤气炉等等。

C – Administrative Office 行政办公方面

Tables & chairs, computers, printers, etc.

D – Medical & Education 就医就学方面

Transportation, medical equipments, medical professional, etc.

Let’s work hand-in-hand, building home for in needs.