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We have seen plenty of beauty of this world, at the same time we often do hear the faint cries of it too. Have you ever felt such way at times? Life is precious yet fragile, and we believe that life is equal regardless of color or background. But no one can say it’s perfect all the time. As there are a group of people that are often categorized as disadvantaged or different from the norm. Nonetheless, their needs are actually the most direct and practical of all, which is to live! You and I are the same, with simple motivating hearts that can move their lives to a better pane, to create a positive change in this life to life experience.

This is a starting point to bring together the power of the public, to join in with the movement, the crowdfunding “Love & Life Kickstarter Plan”! Let love be your motivator of our progress.



我们收养了程度各不同的孩子,从轻度,中度,重度智障及卧床程度的孩子个案,其中包括患有自闭症,痉挛性麻痹症,失智症, 唐氏综合症,学习缓慢症,失明等的孩子们。

Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da-Ai was established in June 2017. Located at the Petaling Jaya district, it is a non-profit organization that has been officially registered and operates independently within the state. Throughout the journey, we believed in ‘no one left behind’ when it comes to care for these angels. Making what these children are less of to be more like a blessing of their innocent hearts.

Because of love, we have grown attached for these children, and we simply just cannot say ‘no’ and give them up. So we focus our attention and care for these children with different needs. From physical therapy, life skills training, specialized education & medical care, along with other basic amenities.

Although Da-Ai only operated for around half year, we have already cared for a small number of children suffering from mild to severe intellectual disability, bedridden, autistic, spastic paralysis, dementia, down syndrome, slow learning, blind and other children who have difficulty of self care. With some unable to communicate, learn or work normally like a grown up should, they are still a person with a living beating heart. Those ‘could nots’ for a child like that can be transformed into ‘infinite possibilities’. Every child of disability definitely is not a burden unless we allow it to be so, and we have the loving force to change that world view.

Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da Ai Malaysia in Petaling Jaya charges nothing for the care of these children in the long term. With 18 children and increasing number of people at the centre, the operating expenses is one of the main concerns for us. In hoping with your strength as a community and the love we provide to shelter these children, to create the story of a good society that everyone can know about. To bless through giving and in return to be blessed with happiness of good deeds.

马来西亚大爱残障收留善社成立于2017年6月, 位于八打灵再也旧区,是一家获得国家官方注册认证, 独立运作 的非盈利机构。一路走来,我们秉着一个都不能少的信念,与关怀提携每位折翼天使, 让他们的缺陷美也能闪耀发光。


 “大爱”成立至今,虽然只有短短半年左右。我们却收养了程度各不同的孩子,从轻度,中度,重度智障及卧床程度的孩子个案,其中包括患有自闭症,痉挛性麻痹症,失智症, 唐氏综合症,学习缓慢症,失明等的孩子们。也许这孩童无法自理,无法沟通,无法学习,无法工作。但他们也是由天而降的生命,许多的“无法”也将转化成“无限可能”。每一名残障孩童的明天绝对不是一种的负担,而应该被升华为对世界回馈的爱与力量。





Da-Ai provides a comfortable and safe environment for these handicapped children to live normally. Allowing them to learn how to be independent while strengthening their social adaptability with each other. Additionally, we respond to aid societal needs for the disadvantaged group and poor families, to relieve their suffering. Their encounters of life and unequal treatment should not be ignored. Da-Ai main purpose of this aid programme is for the disabled children, poor families that are affected with a patient. Caring for those who are suffering in poverty, providing their households with appropriate and immediate assistance. Helping them to recover back to their lives as soon as possible. “Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da Ai Malaysia” wishes the community to actively respond to charitable activities by joining through volunteering and fundraising for the benefit of society. 
There are a lot of families living in the community, but there are one too many of them that are living in a vegetating life. Knowing how to make good use of resources is crucial in turning around these families in dire need, but what if there is a way to maximize these resources to solve this problem in a much better way? Why not making it a reality? Lending a hand out to these suffering families of poverty and these disabled children, to let them be supported with supplies, medicine and monetary support, in order to curb this dilemma of their lives. 
With every Da-Ai community outreach activity that we organize, we visit the families in need to understand their situation and vital needs, then we set forth to provide the needed materials and the temporary financial relief to them directly. In the future, to provide a better plan for a home with proper meals to them. Creating a comprehensive plan to take better care of the disadvantaged group of our society within the community. 

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